Wood Floor Products Chicago

There are various hardwoods that can be used and provide a beautiful new look to your home. Standard flooring or the most common flooring is 3/4" x 2 1/4" Red Oak. In our opinion, oak is the type of flooring that takes various staining the best. However, there are numerous other woods that may be used to compliment anyone's personal preferences and decor. Brazilian, Cherry, Maple and Hickory are among these woods.

Making Your Selection

There are many things to consider when selecting a wood for your home. Among these are color, graining, durability, and versatility. Some woods are difficult to change the color while maintaining the natural character of the wood. For instance, maple is usually finished with a natural finish because when it is stained, it has a tendency to appear blotchy. Brazilian Cherry becomes a deep reddish color. It is much lighter when it is first finished, but quickly picks up color and darkens. This becomes problematic because it doesn't change as much in areas that are not exposed, such as under rugs and furniture.

There are some woods that are denser than others, meaning they will not dent as easily. Some woods have a variety of graining that may mask imperfections and indentations. For instance - maple is a dense wood like oak. However, it has a very little grain variation. Therefore if the exact same indentation were made on a maple floor and an oak floor, the indentations on the maple floor would be much more noticeable. 

When choosing your wood flooring material, please take into consideration some of these things and don't be afraid to ask questions. Our distributor, Chicago Hardwood Flooring Specialties, has a showroom and professionals to assist you. See their website at http://www.chicagohardwoodflooring.com/. There are also various width options.

Vent Covers, Thresholds and Strip Inlays

In addition to the wood flooring, there are also a variety of vent covers (flushmount and self rimming), thresholds, and feature strip inlays in various widths and species.

Flushmount vent covers can be installed in your new floors at an additional cost. These vents have a frame that is built into the floor and the covers sit inside the frame so that it is flush with the flooring. They add a great deal of beauty to your new floor and are recommended. Flushmount vents can also be installed in existing floors if they are being refinished.

Borders and inlays also can add beauty and individuality to your new floor. Prices for borders and inlays can vary as widely as the choices. Borders can be installed in any room. However, you may want to consider the furniture location in the room so that the border is not covered with furniture, therefore defeating the purpose of the border. There are many different species and widths that can be used for feature strips. Osh Kosh Flooring also has numerous laser cut borders and medallions available. We have brochures available for interested customers.

Pre-finished Wood Floor Products

Some customers wish to have hardwood floors without the dust and odor associated with raw wood finishing. Therefore we offer a variety or pre-finished products which are available for viewing at our Chicago Hardwoods Showroom. If you do choose a pre-finished floor, it is important that you understand what you are getting. Pre-finished floors are milled with bevels so that any minor height differences between boards are minimized. Fluctuations of subfloor may also be more noticeable with a pre-finished flooring. Pre-finished flooring can sometimes be softer than a custom finished floor due to the process used to apply the finishes. Our customers are satisfied with both types of flooring as long as you know what to expect.

Veneers and Laminate Flooring

Veneers and laminate flooring (engineered) is also available. There are such a wide range of materials that customers are encouraged to provide their own materials for these types of installations. We do not recommend the use of these products unless they are being installed over concrete. In this case we recommend floating floors so that they can be easily removed in case of damage. We never recommend glue down veneer floors.


We use only top of the line stains and oil based polyurethanes during our finishing process. We use the best products to ensure you receive the best service. Some customers insist on us using water-based polyurethane for various reasons. In these cases, we usually use Basic Coatings products. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the pros and cons of these products.